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Get modern and better school portraits with Christine Holm Fotografi.
We deliver school portraits that the parents actually wants to hang up and will do so with a smile.

Pros for the parents


Get a voucher for 1.400 DKKR to use for prints of your child.

Read more about our ambassador program.


Sibling photos

You can get photos of siblings and/or friends.

See examples here.

Fast delivery

Online in our webshop as fast as 48 hours after the session.

Read more about delivery here,


No obligation to buy!

 We have both packages and single sizes.

See our prices here.



The photograping is without any fees. Always for FREE. Furthermore, you do NOT commit to a minimum purchase afterwards, but you are free to assemble your order anyway you like, after the photoday.

Photo timeline


Skolefotografer tager skolefoto på skolen

Photo sessions at the school.

Online gallery

Skolefoto bliver lagt i online galleri

The pictures are
available 48 hours after they are taken.


Skolefotos kan bestilles i online galleri

The ordering is all happening online in your personal gallery.


Vi printer skolefoto

Printing and quality check of all images.


Skolefotografier leveres til skolen Gratis

Free delivery sent collectet to the school.

School pictures worth hanging on the wall!

We want to deliver better school photos for you! Images worth hanging up!
We are as photographers very skilled in the art of adaption. It is rarely the same things that gives us the ultimate images at the different agegroups, and therefor we train ourselves to decode the best way of getting the children to shine on the pictures.
Klassisk skolefoto portræt på hvid baggrund
Klassisk skolefoto portræt på med sort baggrund
Moderne skolefotografering med hvid baggrund
Moderne skolefoto portrætter på sort baggrund

The perfect class picture

When we are photographing the portraits, we also do class pictures that you and your children can look back on and smile. Whether the group picture will be taken outdoors, indoors, casual or classic is up to you and your school.
We believe that the road to the best experience, is by giving you the possibility to combine your session as you wish!
Moderne klassebillede til skolefotografering
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