Kindergarten Photo Gallery

Nature Portraits

Christine Holm Fotografi

At Christine Holm Fotografi we offer nature portraits, captured in a playful scenery like the playground. There will always be multible images with different crops and formats to choose from. If you would like the images ind black/white, it is possible to choose this ind the webshop.

Classic portraits

Christine Holm Fotografi

At Christine Holm Fotografi we make crisp and modern portraits, on either white or black background. You will always recieve multiple different images in different crops and formats for you to choose between, in our online photogallery. Here you can order your favorite pictures in our webshop.



Christine Holm Fotografi

When you book Christine Holm Fotografi for the photos ind the kindergarten, so long that we shoot on a weekend, be possible to get siblings photographed together. In the weekdays, it is up to the kindergarten wheather or not they want to offer this possibility.

We have great experience in images with multiple children on at Christine Holm Fotografi.
We always make sure to get soe wonderful images, that both parents and children kan enjoy for many years to come.

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